2021-2022 RentalsHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$350 eaCOLLEGE AVENUE1300 College AvenueHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
NEXT TO CAMPUS1308 College AveHOUGHTON, MI 49931-2170View Listing
4BED-2BATH1017 JASPERHOUGHTON, MI 49931View Listing
$485 ea3 bdrm FREE UTILITIES47751 US Highway 41Houghton, Michigan 49931View Listing
GARAGEavail MAY 2021-202246541 Main #2Houghton/Dodgeville, MI 49931View Listing
$450 ea6 bdrm next to MTU204 Vivian StreetHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
2021-22$660 total405 MacInnesHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$370 ea3 bd Pet Friendly826 Pine StreetHancock, MI 49930View Listing
2021-22Townhomes1202 College AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
2021-22Hillcrest Apts1757 Upland AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
2021-22Downtown208 E MontezumaHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
2021-22Julien Heights405 MacInnesHoughton, MI View Listing
$345 eaClosest Apts next to MTU!211 BlancheHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
HOUGHTON, MI 49931View Listing
$320 ea2 Bdrm Apt FREE HEAT19984 James StreetHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
4 BED Hse - PET FRIENDLY306 FRANKLINHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$545Studio Apt Free Utilities47751 US highway 41Houghton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$625Single Suites January1301 Ruby StreetHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
440 each3 BED APTMT202 Franklin #4HOUGHTON, MI 49931View Listing
MAY 2021/2022802 E. SOUTH StHOUGHTON, MI 49931View Listing
2021-2022HOUGHTON, MI 49931View Listing
375 each4 bdrm near Jimmy Johns809 e.MontezumaHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
325 per4 bdrm incls utilities1209 DiamondHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
385 per4 bdrm. Near Jim's Foodmart1117 E.houghtonHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
325 each3 bdrm. incl utilities908 Champion St.Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
$315 per2 bdrm Agate St.1001 AgateHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
360 each2-bdrm includes utilities904 Champion StHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
750 mthJAN-MAY 2021 3 Bedrm202 Franklin StHOUGHTON, MI 49931View Listing
FURNISHEDRoommate - Jan to May 20211308 College AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$1,090.00Available Spring 2020!47337 Stratton AvenueAtlantic Mine, MI 49905View Listing
$1,2903-BD, 1-Bth, Pet Friendly!1017 Ethel AvenueHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$250/room; $990 for apartment4Bd-1Bth Available Now!49917Mine Rock Road, MI 49930View Listing
$490Individual Room Available!402 Portage StreetHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$1,190Brand New Apartment!47337 Stratton AvenueAtlantic Mine, MI 49905View Listing
$325-$400501 Quincy St.Hancock, Michigan 49930View Listing
495Roommate JAN-MAY 202120089 JAMES STHOUGHTON, MI 49931View Listing
$475 mthRoommate Jan-May 2021304 FranklinHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$450 per month$450 per monthApt B, 199 Agate St.Houghton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$550 eachJan 1 - Room for RentClose to Campus, 1211 College Avenue,Utilities Included, Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
2021-22Downtown418 SheldenHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
Available November 10th!$600Quiet Neighborhood46891 Edwards StAtlantic Mine, MI 49905View Listing
$800/month109 E. Montezuma AvenueHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$2000/month312 E. Montezuma UpperHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$450/mo per bedroom, gas heat included. $450/mo per bedroom, gas heat included.199 AgateHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
19943 2nd StreetHancock, Michigan 49930View Listing
Best Deal in Town--Now Leasing for 2021-22313 Calverley StreetHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
350Roomate Jan-May 20211042 Summit St.Hancock, MI 49930View Listing
$50045050 U.S. Highway 41Chassell, Michigan 49916View Listing
$960/month1010 Elm StreetHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$350 each Month5 Bedroom203/205 Prospect St.Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
$295FREE HEAT, View Listing
$350 each MonthClose to Tech!!202 prospect st.Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
$295FREE HEAT902 East Sharon AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$400Close to Tech1315 Ruby ave.Houghton, mi 49931View Listing
$390 Per MonthClose to MTU!1107 Ruby aveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$350 each Month8 Bedrooms407 Dodge st.Houghton, mi 49931View Listing
$350-400/personMultiples Houses for Available RentHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$475218 E Franklin StHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$425/month/room312 E. Montezuma LowerHoughton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$9993-BD, 2-Bth from Dec. 2020206 fourth streetHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$1,000Available in January1117 Ruby Ave.Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
3251105 East 5th AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$50045050 U.S. Highway 41Chassell, Michigan 49916View Listing
$375-$400205 Pewabic St.Houghton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$4001627 Anthony St.Hancock, Michigan 49930View Listing
$300-$500Available Now!Quincy StreetHancock , MI 49930View Listing
Clean 1 Bedroom, View Listing
Available Now!, View Listing
Newly Renovated!19996 3rd StHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$14003bd incl. utilities1110 College AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$395-$450 Rooms Everything Included!404 Hancock stHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$395Rooms All utilities included205 Portage st Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
$450912 College Ave.Houghton, Michigan 49931View Listing
$650-$750306 E. Houghton Ave.Houghton, Michigan 49931View Listing
350.105 Dodge st.Houghton, Michigan 49931View Listing
400.001201 E Houghton AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
Remodeled!713 Quincy StHancock, MI View Listing
640Newly Built Apartments!701 Quincy StreetHancock, MI View Listing
300707 Quincy StreetHancock, MI View Listing
650Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
850807 E South StreetHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
250Available Immediately405 South StHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
490Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
800AVAILABLE NOW!706 Michigan StreetHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$390936 Ohio St.Hancock, MI 49930View Listing
220House in Hancock near Co-opHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$620.00Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
$1200.00Hancock, MI 49930View Listing
800.00Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
206 Scallon StreetHancock, MI 49930View Listing
$800/mo807 E South AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
350Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
2200Available May 2018220 Blanche StreetHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
1400Available June 1st, 2018707 Quincy StreetHancock, MI View Listing
208 ScallonHancock, MI 49930View Listing
502 West South St.Houghton, MI 49931View Listing
$650-70017867 Canal Rd DownHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$1,1002121 Jasberg St.Hancock, MI 49930View Listing
$1300707 Quincy St.Hancock, MI 49930View Listing
$1200713 Quincy St.Hancock, MI 49930View Listing
$800237 Wright StHancock, MI 49930View Listing
NogotiableHuge Place!206 ScallonHancock, MI 49930View Listing
NegotiableBonus Rooms502 W South AveHoughton, MI 49931View Listing
$800807 E. South StreetHoughton, MI 49931View Listing

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