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Student Organizations

The Undergraduate Student Government serves over 220 student organizations in conjunction with student activities. USG allocates over $800,000 annually to support organizations and enable new opportunities. Is your organization in need of resources? Stop by the USG office and see if we can help!


Campus Traditions

From Winter Carnival to Homecoming USG plays a key role in supporting campus traditions. Every year USG members volunteer to help students and visitors cross highway 41 safely during the Winter Carnival all-nighter. USG also allocates a large portion of the Student Activity Fee to campus traditions. Want to learn more about USG’s role in annual events? Stop by one of our meetings!


On Campus Policy

USG has a direct line of communication to the Michigan Tech executive team, the University Senate, the Graduate Student Government, and the Board of Trustees. Our job is to ensure the student voice is heard when major policy decisions are being made. Talk with your USG representative or attend one of our weekly meetings (Wednesdays @ 7pm in the MUB) to share your concerns.