Student Activity Fee (SAF)

What is the Student Activity Fee?

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) is a semesterly charge on the Student Bill that is used only for enhancing campus life for students at Michigan Tech. The SAF is used to fund a variety of groups, events, and initiatives that provides students with resources, events, support, and a well-rounded student experience. 

As per Board of Trustees policy, the SAF is used by Registered Student Organizations, Special Budgetary Groups, University Traditions, and various campus initiatives. Without this funding, many of the events and extracurricular opportunities you know and love wouldn’t be possible! 

Each February, MTU administration presents USG with an estimate of the total SAF that will be collected from enrolled students for the upcoming academic year. This number is calculated using current enrollment data and a host of factors used to predict enrollment for the upcoming year. USG, in partnership with the Vice President of Student Affairs, is tasked with using this estimated number in order to distribute the SAF within the policy set forth by MTU’s Board of Trustees.

COVID-19 Considerations

We anticipate that each of these groups that receive funding from the SAF will work to operate in the most “normal” way possible given the ever-changing circumstances during COVID-19. The groups will continue to provide students with resources, events, support, and a well-rounded experience, but these goals may be achieved utilizing non-traditional methods. For example:

– In the 2019-2020 academic year, Keweenaw Pride hosted their annual drag show at the Rozsa. In the 2020-2021 academic year, KP will be hosting their annual drag show via zoom for the fall semester AND is planning an in-person show for the spring. 

– Men’s Volleyball planned to spend the Spring 2020 semester traveling to tournaments and events. Due to travel restrictions, the organization pivoted and utilized their budget from the SAF to invest in their equipment replacement plan, purchasing nets, volleyballs,and safety equipment that will be used for the next 5-8 years.


Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at Michigan Tech are eligible to apply for a portion of the SAF. As per Board of Trustee policy, RSOs receive the majority of the fee. In order to determine the RSO allocations for the upcoming academic year, USG’s Ways & Means Committee (WaM) meets with each organization, early in the Spring Semester, and submits a recommended allocation to the USG general body for final approval. Each RSO is permitted to use the allocation as they see fit, as long as the use does not violate any policy set forth by the University or USG Bylaws

Each organization uses their allocated portion of the SAF in a multitude of ways – including, but not limited to: events, guest speakers, sporting events, academic opportunities, social gatherings, community building, and much more. The SAF allows the Registered Student Organizations of Michigan Tech to host and attend a wide variety of activities, events, and extracurricular learning experiences that enrich a student’s university experience.

Special Budget Groups (SBGs)

Special Budgetary Groups are a subset of registered student organizations focused on regularly providing services to all students on Michigan Tech’s campus on a larger and more complex scale.  These groups have presented documentation, including proof of services provided, detailed event and logistical planning, fiscal accountability plans, and more in order to receive this designation from the Undergraduate Student Government. Reapplication occurs every two years. USG is tasked with determining if organizations should receive the designation of Special Budgetary Group and take on all the privileges and responsibilities therein. 

In February 2020, USG voted to approve the SBG status for The Lode, WMTU, Film Board, Sound and Lighting Services, Undergraduate Student Government and MUB Board for two more years. The next SBG review will be held in the Spring 2022 Semester. Any RSO that wishes to request SBG status may apply alongside the SBGs requesting renewal of status in 2022.

Annual budget allocations for SBGs are determined by a committee of students, faculty, and staff commissioned by the Vice President of Student Affairs. The committee meets each Spring Semester to hear SBG budget justifications and make final recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the USG.

University Traditions & Campus Initiatives

Traditions are an important part of the Michigan Tech student experience. are all sponsored by the Student Activity Fee. These traditions help Huskies Get Involved and provide students with memories that will last a lifetime.  

Board of Trustee policy states, “(the SAF) is to be used for initiatives that benefit the campus community as determined by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Procedures for the distribution of funds to meet these goals will be established by mutual agreement of the Undergraduate Student Government and the Vice President for Student Affairs and reviewed annually.” 

Traditions & campus initiatives include but are not limited to: Afternoon on the Town, Welcome Week, K-Day, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, Family Weekend, Spring Fling, Late Night Programming, Community Service, Leadershape, the Challenge Course, the Outdoor Adventure Program, Student Health & Wellness, and Student Leadership Awards. 

In addition, according to USG Bylaws, the SAF may also be used for campus emergencies (providing all students with personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic), campus upgrades (replacing outdated drinking fountains with modern, water bottle filling fountains), and other campus projects (adding bike repair stations to campus).