House for Rent to MTU Students, 17 Miles from MTU

House Available for Possible MTU Renter

House (Houghton County) for Possible MTU Renter
Rural Rental house and Property, $500/month ($450/month for period of Dec-Mar), $500 security deposit up front. Provide brief employment and/or school history, and at least one rental reference if you’ve rented before.

3 B-Room, 1&½ Bath, HOUSE for RENT, 17 miles S. of Houghton/MTU (14 miles S of Dodgeville) on about 80 acres in rural area, 180 feet from paved country road, with 250 foot long driveway. [Note: one B-Room is used mainly for storage by owner] Gas furnace, propane heat. Option to also use wood heater w blower in basement, which is connected to heating/ductwork system. Tenant pays utilities & i-net, snow removal, and does lawn mowing. Owner has 5 year old MTD – Yard Machine, 24-inch-cut snowblower from previous occupant, that tenant may use, or purchase from owner for only $200, and owner has right to buy back the snowblower after rental period ends. Gas for (owner’s) riding lawn mower will be 50% reimbursed by owner. House is partially/substantially furnished. NO smoking or vaping in house, garage, or outbuildings. No Pets unless you keep the pet outside.

Rental PERIOD is FLEXIBLE. Depends somewhat on Renters needs. Some Examples: Rental Period could start between 22 to 27 Aug, and run through 8 May, 15 May, 30 May, or 30 June 2023. Also, the rental period may be extended, even year-round, and even for 2 years. Periods longer than 10 & ½ months must be upon agreement between tenant(s) and owner. [Note: Owner and his relatives will have rights to use the house (at least one of the B-Rooms, and the Sauna outbuildng) from 1 July to 15 August, see details below].

The house is “rustic” on the outside and fixed up nicely on the inside; it is a log house; the logs are covered with old wood-lap siding and partly old cedar-shake siding. House has a double-deck roof (so, no ice buildup), is very well insulated, and has a basement. Large 19’ X 20’ kitchen/dining area with birch veneer cabinets & Pergo style light-maple hardwood laminate floor. L-Room is 12’ X 13’. Upstairs has nice carpeting in the B-Rooms and hallways, and has small room with toilet and sink. Owner does not supply washer/dryer as part of rental agreement, but in the house there is an existing (heavy duty), older washer and dryer that work; they are hooked up and usable by the tenant.

House has insulated 2-car atch’d garage, permanently converted to a 1-car garage, where you enter into the house. There is a 7’ X 14’ covered, open-air porch/deck on one side of the house.
IMPORTANT Note: If tenant(s) has a Queen Sized bed or larger, they MUST have a split-box to support the mattress, because a Queen Sized box spring will simply not fit up the stairwell area. A Queen mattress can be barely squeezed past the lower stairwell area.

Large lawn area. Property has farm fields and a friend who is a local farmer, farms about 25 acres of the land (hay/clover/oats). The remainder is mostly wooded. A creek runs though entire length of property – approx ½ mile. Several old outbuildings, but with limited storage. Can have chickens if you want; the past 3 tenants have.
Recent rental history: House has been used/rented continuously for the past 18 years to a total of only 3 renters, all of them MTU Masters Degree or PhD students, and prior to that, to an MTU Program Director.

Tenant(s) has option of renting from year-to-year, and even year-round, and tenant also has this option: In the summer, when/if tenant(s) is not living in house, tenant may even leave some furniture (i.e. dis-assembled beds, etc) in house, in an area (in a bedroom, and some in storage area in garage) where a dust cover or tarp can be draped over them to ensure they stay clean.
Tenant(s) has the option of remaining in house during the summer when owner has rights of occupancy (a minimum of 1 July – 15 Aug); but such an an arrangement must be first agreed upon by both owner and tenants. If tenant(s) remains in the house in the summer, they must understand that from 1 July through 15 Aug, it would be a house-sharing arrangement. Owner and family have option to occasionally/regularly use the house in summer, for about 46 days, 1 July to 15 August. Tenant has option to leave the premises and the area, leave their items stored in house, and thus not pay rent, for the entire “MTU non-school year”, the summer, which is about 8 May through 20 Aug. If tenant chooses this, owner shall pay cost of utilities and tenant shall pay no rent during this summer period when they’ve left the area.

Example, if Tenant remains in house in Summer: If, in the summer of 2023, the tenant chooses to stay in the house during the (approx.) 46-day period when the house may be occupied by owner/relatives, the tenant would only pay $100 per month, plus the utilities and i-net. If the summer utilities + i-net costs during this period exceed $200/month, owner shall pay these costs, above and beyond $200. This low summer rental cost is because tenant would be inconvenienced by having owner or owner’s relatives in house. If the tenant chooses to rent beyond 2024, and the tenant and owner come to agreement on this, the future summer monthly rental cost may be raised to $200/month for this 46-day summer period, however this would be a future agreement between the tenant and the owner.

During the school year and during non-school periods, the tenant(s) may not “sublet” to other renters and allow them to occupy the house. The number of people in the house, as part of the rental agreement shall generally remain consistent.

House has 3 B-Rooms but is being rented as a 2 B-Room. The one B-Room not being rented out, may be used by owner throughout the year for storage, and on occasions to sleep in, but only when/if important maintenance or repair work needs to be done on the house when the weather has turned colder (22 Nov-8 April). This period (24 Nov-8 Apr) could vary somewhat, depending on tenant/owner agreement). During this period, when/if owner briefly occupies the 3rd B-Room, he will not use the shower or bathtub facilities, out of consideration for the tenants; i.e. to be considerate of the tenants hygiene, privacy, and the cleanliness of bathing facilities.

During such brief periods, throughout the entire year when the tenant is renting, when/if owner is occupying the 3rd B-Room for the purpose of being there to accomplish work/inspection on the house or property, owner will pay the tenant $30/night to cover use of electricity, heat, i-net, and water, and for the inconvenience and disrupton caused to the tenant(s).

If at any time during the (approx. school-year, 9 to 10 month) rental period, the owner exceeds 10 days total (cumulative) occupancy of the 3rd B-Room (cumulative, over the 10 months), then the owner shall begin paying the tenant a higher rate per night. For any “cumulative-days” after the initial block of 10 days has been exceeded, the owner will then be required to pay $40/night for any overnight stays in the 3rd B-Room, up to a maximum of 10 additional cumulative-days. This arrangement is setup by the owner to monetarily penalize himself, and thus to prevent him from staying excessively in the house, overnight. But it also allows him to stay there briefly if there is an absolute need for him to be there when the weather turns cold.

General Information: This potential temporary “house sharing” arrangement / agreement between the owner and tenant(s) is set up to prevent the owner from staying excessively in the house during the 9 to 10 month rental period, and, generally speaking, the owner does NOT plan to use this option. It allows/limits the owner to stay in the 3rd B-Room when maintenance or repair work (or inspection) needs to be done on the house, on any of the old outbuildings, or to the property itself. This arrangement is also an important protection to the owner (who lives away from the area), when maintenance, repair, or inspection work needs to be done on the house, outbuildings or property. Note: the owner will generally plan to stay (and has, in the past, stayed) overnight, only in an outbuilding: the sauna. The old outbuildings include a chicken coop, brooder house, grainery, woodshed, and sauna. Very little storage is available in the outbuildings, and the old chicken coop and brooder house are quite decrepit and are used by the owner for storage of scrap wood and metal, and items that go with the property.

So, as part of this arrangement/agreement, the owner has the option over the (+ or -) 9 to 10 month period (from mid/late Aug to about 30 June, of, rather than using the 3rd B-Room in the house, instead, staying overnight in the old sauna building. He has always used this option in the past when doing maintenance/inspection work on the buildings and property. If the owner uses the sauna for sleeping quarters & bathing facilities, he will pay the tenant $20 per night, to cover the cost of electricity/i-net.
When using the i-net, owner has the right to sit in a small part of the storage area (non-vehicle area) in the insulated atch’d garage and take part in a Zoom call (video tele-conference) not to exceed 60 minutes, but must pay the tenant a $10 additional fee, for every hour he uses i-net signal in the garage, in this way. This is set up by the owner to again, penalize himself monetarily, to prevent disturbance to the tenant(s), by absolutely minimizing i-net usage for such Zoom calls. This may be necessary if/when i-net signal is insufficient in the sauna, and the owner is on-site for a valid reason as per the rental agreement, and needs access to the i-net. In any case, new fiber optic cable should be installed to the house by sometime in 2023, as per the Baraga Phone Co, and after that, better i-net signal should be available. Current high-speed i-net signal in the house itself and immediately near the house (within 20 to 30 feet) is generally quite good.
RE: Owner, opting to stay overnight in the sauna. For any days when the owner stays overnight in the sauna (from 15 Aug to 15 June), above and beyond a cumulative total of 15 days (for this 10-month period), the owner shall then begin paying the tenant $30/night to stay in the sauna.
The owner does not plan to stay at the place, at all, not even in the sauna, during the 4&½ month period of 24 Nov through 8 April, except in the case when/if something structural, mechanical or electrical needs maintenance, repair or inspection, or the owner needs to inspect/do something on the land.
IMPORTANT: If the tenant(s) leaves the house / property for more than 2 consecutive days during this 4&½ month period, they must notify the owner 7 days ahead of time if possible, so the owner can plan to stay in the sauna or atch’d garage, and check the house temperature to prevent any freeze-up from occurring. The owner will also provide the tenant with a temperature sensor with signal light that shall be hung in a window to signal when the inside temp drops below a certain minimum (approx. 45 degrees F). Such days, when the tenant(s) is/are away and the owner stays in the sauna or garage to monitor the house temperature, shall not count against the “allowable days” granted to the owner to do maintenance, repair, and inspection on house/property during the rental-year. Also, when the owner does opt to stay overnight in the house during these periods when the tenant is away, the owner shall reimburse the tenant $10/day for any electricity/i-net used. As part of this, the owner also has the option of not staying on the property, and simply stopping by to monitor the house temperature, or have a friend monitor the “low temperature signal light hanging in a window.

ALK Contracting is the plumbing and heating contractor that regularly maintains the furnace, and the owner will provide their contact information to the tenant, so they have it in case of emergency, especially if the tenant is ever unable to contact the owner during a mechanical breakdown.

Note that to keep up the land, a local farmer farms the fields that are part of the property; hay, clover, oats, etc. Every few years, the fields may be plowed under, in order to plant oats, so tenant(s) needs to be aware of this.
If interested, please email owner at Tel is 906 235-8557, but please make contact first by E-mail, and allow the owner to initially respond by E-mail.

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