2 or 3 bedroom apartment downtown Houghton

This apartment faces the water for a FANTASTIC view of the canal, lift bridge and ski hill, also right across the parking lot is the Houghton Waterfront Trail — very nice space right in downtown Houghton, only 2 apartments in building, the rest of the space is commercial — we prefer offices, but would consider a family, or students… if offices it rents cheaper (much less wear and tear) —  with a 1 year lease: $800.00 per month (as offices), not including utilities — if rented by a group of roommates/students, rent starts at $900.00 per month, for one, and then increases by $100.00 per month per person, maximum of 3 tenants (so if 3 = $366.66 each for rent), security deposit is same amount as first months rent — very quiet building, good place for those who want to escape the noise and parties and be able to study and rest — parking behind building via City of Houghton parking deck (tenant must purchase permit from City), in the winter the parking is under the deck, nearly snow-free — laundry currently available on premises but we are not promising it will remain (if we being renovations across the hall we will probably eliminate it) – there is a laundry mat up the hill from us on Montezuma in the event we were to do that — no pets — no smoking anywhere on the premise – unfurnished – not ADA accessible, has stairs — here is a link to photos of the space   https://litsenberger.weebly.com/suite-2.html  located upstairs of The Print Shop, contact Bj via email at  artist@theprintshophoughton.com  or call the shop, M-F, from 10-5 at 906-482-3903

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