College and Grade Representatives

First Year Representatives

Mitch DeLong

From: Calumet, MI

Responsibilities: As a representative, I am responsible for promoting the interests of the student body. I will be an advocate for positive change that enhances the experience of the students at Michigan Tech.

Other Positions: Political Affairs Member

Other Orgs: Varsity Cross Country Team, Varsity Nordic Ski Team, Pavlis Honors College, and Leaders in Continuous Improvement



What are your goals for USG? I want to help the USG connect with Michigan Tech’s students, to better understand the needs and wants for a healthy learning environment. Once those needs and wants have been identified, I hope to find reasonable solutions to meet their demands. I want every student to have the opportunity to find success, feel safe, and reach their maximum potential.



Sarah Lindbeck

From: Munising, MI

Responsibilities: My responsibilities are to attend meetings and office hours, as well as to be generally available to anyone within the USG or whom I am representing so that I can hear about issues and help get them resolved.

Other Orgs:  DHHC, CinOptic Enterprise team



What are your goals for USG? My goals are to represent the first-year student body to the best of my ability.


Lindsay Sandell

From: Houghton, MI

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Other Positions: Student Affairs Committee

Other Orgs: Pavlis Honors College, Leaders In Continuous Improvement

What are your goals for USG?  My goals for include promoting unity across campus to improve the community for all students and help the Undergraduate Student Government reach its full potential.


Second Year Representatives

Briana Cronk

From: Grand Rapids, MI

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Other Positions: Events Committee Member

Other Orgs: Women’s Hockey, Student Athletic Trainer, Chemistry Learning Coach


What are goals for USG? “I would like to make USG more approachable to the student body.”


Stephanie Celine Bois

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Major: Finance

Other Positions: Events Committee Member

Other Orgs: Finance Club


What are your goals for USG? “To increase students’ awareness of USG in order to get feedback on how we best can improve students’ experience at MTU.”



Logan Mills

From: Michigan

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Other Positions: Political Affairs Committee

Other Orgs: Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

What are your goals for USG?  Help to create more morale boosting events throughout the semester.


Third Year Representatives

Alexis Erickson

From: Iron Mountain, MI

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Responsibilities:  As a 3rd year representative, I want to make sure that the 3rd years’ voices are heard and that the correct steps are taken to ensure that the changes they are looking for happen.

Other Positions: Events Committee

Other Orgs: Mind Trekkers, LCI, SMLS


What are your goals for USG?  To keep USG as a helpful organization that is willing to help out other organizations on campus as well as keep campus traditions alive.


Jack Mitchell

From: Kingsford, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering

Responsibilities:  My responsibilities are a representative are to properly resonate my constituents ideas, concerns, and comments  to a higher level body so that proper action can be taken in order to help the university better itself for the students.

Other Positions: Senate

Other Orgs: Raquetball, CPM Enterprise



What are your goals for USG? My goals this year for USG is the the organization to have better outreach to its constituents, provide students with a government that reflects their desires, and to help other organizations expand and grow in order to better diversify our university.


Erin McCarthy

From: Walled Lake, Michigan

Major: Electrical Engineering

Responsibilities: To ensure I am representing the students’ needs and wants to the best of my ability.

Other Positions:  Events Committee

Other Orgs: Pavlis Honors College




What are your goals for USG? “To represent and work with all students at Michigan Tech.”


Fourth Year Representatives




Ethan To

From: Kalamazoo, MI

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Responsibilities: “To represent the interests of the fourth year undergraduate student population regarding university issues and policies. Serve and support the active registered student organizations on campus through regulated funding.”

Other Positions: Ways and Means Committee

Other Orgs: Rowing


What are your goals for USG? Increase awareness of the financial processes and policies to ensure maximum utilization by registered student organizations.


College of Engineering Representatives

Nils Justen

From: Viersen, Germany

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Other Orgs: Formula SAE Team, Aquanaut Scuba Club

Other positions on USG: Third Year Representative and Student Affairs Committee Member.


What are your goals for USG?

“To make MTU a more accepting, and welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds, and to effectively represent and speak on behalf of the student body at Michigan Tech.”



Matthew Rennell

From: Jackson, Mi

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Responsibilities: My responsibility are to advocate for students within the College of Engineering and to also serve as a member of the Student Affairs committee.

Other Positions: Student Affairs Committee

Other Orgs: Aerospace Enterprise, ASME, IEEE



Harsh Malu

Hometown: Sangli, MH. India

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Other Orgs:  Fundraising Chairperson at Indian Students’ Association at Michigan Tech, The International Club


What are your goals for USG? “Be the voice of the students and lead the society by an example. I want to be the best at the things I do and learn from my mistakes to progress and grow as a better person altogether.”



College of Arts and Sciences Representatives

Karina Aranda

From: Chicago, IL

Major: Biology (Ecology Concentration)

Other Positions: Public Relations Chair

Other Orgs: Alpha Sigma Tau, Undergraduate Lab Assisstant


What are your goals for USG?  “I am here to work with students of Tech. I hope to collect as much student impute as possible to ensure they have an enjoyable experience.”


Colleen Toorongian

From: Houghton, MI

Major: Exercise Science

Other Positions: Events Committee Member

Other Orgs:  Student Athletic Trainer, HOSA

What are your goals for USG?  “My goal is to be the voice of the students and represent them to the best of my ability.”


School of Business Representative

Jimmie Cannon

Year: 3rd Year

From: Detroit, Michigan

Major: Dual Major in Management of Information Systems and Accounting

Other Orgs: Football, Diversity Council, Quicken Loans Campus Ambassador

Other positions on USG: Diversity liaison


What are your goals for USG?  “While being on the USG, I hope to help change the diversity, and enrich the culture here at Michigan Tech, hoping to yield a sense of comfortability for every student on campus, rather it be a minority student, or a student of the majority.”


School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science Representative




School of Technology Representative



At-Large Representatives

Alex Newman

From: East Jordan, MI

Major: Electrical Engineering

Responsibilities: My responsibilities as an At-Large Representative are to cater to the entirety of the undergraduate student population equally.

Other Positions: Political Affiars Chair

Other Orgs: Dagorhir, Pep Band, Wadsworth Hall Student Association


What are your goals for USG? I desire to accurately and honestly represent the opinions and beliefs of the student population of Michigan Tech, giving them a voice in the campus government and its many programs.


No Current Associate Members