Executive Board


Samuel Casey

Year: Fifth Year

From: Neenah, WI

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Global Business Minor, Spanish Minor

Contact: srcasey@mtu.edu

What are your responsibilities as President?

“I am responsible for setting a vision and direction for USG and for holding our members accountable.”

What are your goals for USG?

“My goals are to increase accountability, transparency, and advocacy. If our members are not accountable, our other goals will fail, so this is the first and foremost goal. Second, I would like to increase the transparency in USG operations. I want to build a trust with the student body. Lastly, I want USG to increase its representation of and advocacy for students. It is our responsibility to be the student voice, and USG is the students’ opportunity at shared governance. I want USG to more effectively reach out to students and communicate their opinions and concerns to the University, but I also want students to trust that they can come to USG with their concerns.”


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Joseph Heltsley

Year: Fourth Year

From: Onaway, MI

Major: Electrical Engineering

Other Orgs: Blue Marble Security

Contact: jrheltsl@mtu.edu

What are your responsibilities as Vice-President?

“Holding our representatives accountable and providing structure for USG.”

What are your goals for USG?

“My goals for USG are to hold our members accountable to their actions, provide a liason for under-represented student orgs, and to advocate for a more transparent tuition structure.”


Joshua Davis

Year: Fifth Year

From: Howell, Michigan

Major: Accounting

Minor: Mathematics

Contact: joshuada@mtu.edu

What are your responsibilities as Treasurer?

” My goal as treasurer is to make USG operate in a more transparent and efficient manner with respect to its finances.”


Melanie Thomas

Year: 1st Year

From:  Essexville, MI

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Other Orgs:  IRHC, WHSA, SWE

Other positions on USG: Student Affairs Committee member

Contact: mmthomas@mtu.edu

What are your goals for USG? “I want to be able to represent the students fairly and work towards making campus a better place for them.”


What are your responsibilities as Secretary?

“As Secretary I am in charge of general organization of the USG, I am in charge of booking rooms for meetings, meeting agenda and minutes, and also conducting elections .”

What are your goals for USG?

“My goals for USG are to continue improving the student government to better represent and advocate for the undergraduate students on campus.”