The USG body has a set of committees to divide up the work required by our positions. These committees Each of them is listed below with their responsibilities and contact information.

Ways and Means (WAM)

WAM makes recommendations to the rest of the body on funding requests. Most of the money that is disbursed to students  from USG goes through WAM first. All of WAM’s recommendations must be voted on by the entire body during a meeting.
Membership: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 2 elected members of the general body.

Chair: Stéphanie Céline Bois


Political Affairs

The Political Affairs committee represents USG of MTU at off campus events for student governments at the local, state, and national level. Primarily involved with Student Association of Michigan (SAM), the Chair serves as our representative to SAM.
Membership: Chair, Vice-Chair, and 3 Other members.

Chair: Sam Nowosad


Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for all advertising and publications regarding USG. The committee strives to be as transparent as possible to the student body keeping them updated on current projects and events.
Membership: Chair, Webmaster, and 2 other Members

Chair: Sarah Lindbeck



The events committee is responsible for the planning and execution of USG events through out the year. The Events committee also is responsible for the management of the Student Org storage building.
Membership: Chair, Vice-Chair, Storage Manger, and 3 other memebers.

Chair: John Nowosad


Student Affairs

Student Affairs is responsible for finding, investigating, and resolution of issues brought forth from the student body. Student Affairs also advocates for the rights and of the campus community and serves as a check on university policy.
Members: A Chair, Vice-Chair, Diversity Liaison,  and 3 other members. All from the general body.